Tense / Empty

(The explanation / back story is at the bottom… Mix it up a bit and that)

The words are….

David David abrogate it
Turning nurses into wine
Your Barbour jacket missing dimple
Beautifully combine
Criminality pure and simple
Drips from every trenchant sigh
It’s like your tense and empty boys
Were thatched by such design.

You’ve been getting away with it all these years
Putting backs in the corner making the most of all our fears
You’ve been getting away with it night and day
Hushing backs into corners making the most of words to say.

Every morning each a teacher
Meets a certain type of fate
The cut of cloth like slow elastic
Bends until it breaks
This early set resentment
Can and will not settle down
The words that drip from token lips
Just amplify the sound.

Don’t demonstrate with disregard
Don’t live your life with dreams
Of torment in your sullied heart
Don’t give a kiss, don’t settle down
If all you need, is to break a vow.

We wrote this song quite accidentally over a long period of time. Mickey had cut up and created a loop out of an old recording of some drums played by Mark (for a totally different song which we’d forgotten about). He’d then gone about writing the chorus while I was away…. when I arrived I stole a guitar line of his for the lead vocal part and wrote the verse on my tele. It sounded just too weird so we left it for quite a while before recording a bass part one day in June which brought the whole song together… My favourite bits are the intertwining guitar parts over the verses, just because they actually make us sound like we can really play when in fact they are more of a happy accident, same goes for the washing machine / bin-lid percussion.

The lyrics come from a David Cameron quote during the riots. He tried to explain the whole thing as “criminality pure and simple”. Following on from the social abrogation overseen by his government, the expenses debacle and rampant illegalities within banking and the media, I thought that this was hypocritical on top of being a gross over-simplification of events. They were originally meant to be for Jennifer but didn’t scan so I kept them until they became appropriate, which they did for Tense / Empty.

The rest of the album isn’t political so rest easy….

Honestly hope this is informative, please just say if you want it to stop.