Feb/Mar 2017 – Tour & New Album!

Morning everybody,

After 6/7/8 months of hard work and determination we are absolutely thrilled to
have a couple of announcements for you this morning.

In early February 2017, we will release our fourth album WORHEAD on The Smallest
Label, along side a lovely tour of lots of parts of the UK (apologies in advance
to anywhere we’ve missed!)
Both the album pre-sale (including some very special versions) and tour tickets
will be on-sale from Friday 30th September at 10am.

Songs come alive that little bit more for us when we get to share them with you,
so the idea of playing them live and letting people hear them for the first time
is both nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure. We look forward to
introducing them to the wild over the next few months.

The tour dates are below, but once again thank you for reading this message,
listening to and supporting our music.