Effete, makeweight
Nobody cares about you
On your birth date
Wake up: pretend you’ve
Beaten sleep
I guest you’ve finally
Made it to the back teeth

Effete: to weigh less

Maillot jaune scars
But now you’re staring
At a set of new stars
Free Lance from a packed cell
Hematocrit’ll kick you
Where your hope dwells

Effete, weightless
Depress to depress
Shake off to shake off:
The effete

Everyone was gushing but you never did blush
Bawdy implication was it part of the rush?
Acting so ephemeral according to style
You bully and you sully with a national guile
Everything was open but your mouth stayed
You’d been dealing with the feelings of a seminal cut
The single greatest story and I hoped it was true
But the words on the cover said a lot more about you