Gift of Sound

Words that fall from stature
Do not enrapture
Chin feels like a chisel
Lost its fizzle
So hold me like a stranger
Absolve my danger
It’s the similarities
That bring me down.

Given the gift of sound
Given the gift of sound
Given the gift of free flowing language
You don’t own
Given the gift of sound

Everything’s collapsing
Can you fill the gaps in?
Search for something higher
Than desire
Man is like a mountain
Never any doubt in what you do
It’s the realisation that we have all
Been given the gift of sound.

Touch brings you nearer
Could this be any clearer?
It’s the waveform you need the most.
Eyes like a vandal
It’s the truth I can handle:
Let the waveform take you home.

Given the gift of all that’s elitist
Given it so you know what defeat
Given the gift of stairs made to crawl
But cherish the heft of those you can walk up
Given the gift of thoughts for the silence
Given the gift of faith and defiance
Given the gift of Sound
It’s the final pulsings of basically nothing.