On the 1st day of CHRSTMS my true love gave to me…

Hey up everybody,

We aren’t the most retrospective of people but we’ve done a few gigs recently which made us have a wistful glance back – and to the songs that first started this crazy journey for us. On top of this, we get a lot of emails and messages from people yearning for little bits and pieces from the past to be recollected: whether songs to play live, videos that have disappeared OR VINTAGE T-SHIRTS….

So, in line with the annual festival that we love the most (other than Glassed and Buried) we have decided to have a very limited run of our VINTAGE t-shirts from the very beginning. We have revived the OH! LANGUAGE IS DEAD, JOANNA and ONE NIGHT IN OCTOBER with one little LOGO T there too.

Have a look here and there….. THERE/HERE

Anybody lovely person who buys a t-shirt between now and the 25th of Christmas will have a chance to win some original album artwork which we are going to give away!

Also, we have some VERY SPECIAL VINYL coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that.

In line with the requests, we might also stick a few old videos up too for reminiscent purposes.

Lots of lerve,

a vintage christmas