The Sneeze Lyric Blog

So Matt sent me a message saying – do you want to do a lyric blog for The Sneeze – and I was bit like – hmm I don’t really want to do a lyric blog for The Sneeze. The last few weeks I’ve just shut down from the noise – overbearing and intense, incessant chat about Brexit and bullshit, which is almost designed to get you to the stage where you just retreat and need a break from it – so they can get on with plucking the turkey. I really used to like going away to University because, for 8-10 weeks you could detach from reality and live in a bit of the bubble away from the real world, and that is what The Sneeze represents really – the cloying nature of intense modern life where you are constantly bombarded with a combination of Huxley and Orwell’s fears and this intensity grows to the point where you just feel the punctuation ebbing away and the quiet nagging panic turning into an acceptance that you know what maybe we deserve our human engineered fate so bring it on because it has to be better than this monosyllabic uncaring greed based out for me world and I kind of think that when you look at time travel that has the answer of where we are headed because with the exponential growth of technology in the last fifty years then we obviously would have gotten there eventually unless of course we DESTROYED OURSELVES FIRST AND NOWI’MSHOUTINGANDREALLY THIS IS WHY I DIDN’T WANT TODOA LYRIC BLOG ABOUT THE SNEEZE

But I did go out and play football last night and the unattached exercise of being the dog that chases the ball cured me a little and I came home and talked for an hour about how much and why I love my children and the world felt a little better, just concentrating on the beautiful and shutting out that noise and making a different one instead. Anyway, the tea is burning so….